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Cross Trade Shipments

In an increasingly integrated global economy many of our clients are arranging cross trade shipments, sourcing products and manufacturing opportunities outside of the UAE and then export to the rest of the world.

We are able to meet this new demand with overseas freight forwarding and can arrange to ship your goods from anywhere in the world to your required final destination. Cross trade logistics is made possible at Alpha Star with our extensive network of trusted shipping agents and worldwide partners in key transportation locations around the world to make your cross-trade shipments simple and easy.

This means we can deliver first rate cross trade logistics services for shipments of any size from just about any port in the world to even the most difficult to reach destinations. With our strong overseas presence, and staff who travel the globe talking to authorities and agents, we obtain high quality services from point-to-point by over-seeing the supply chain whichever country it starts and ends in.

Our Services:

  • Highly skilled multilingual project handlers monitor shipments through every stage of transport
  • International network of trusted shipping agents and freight forwarders
  • Detailed route surveys
  • Global handling capability
  • Container tracking software
  • Project logistics consultancy
  • Customs clearance and documentation preparation
  • Cargo insurance